Nikki's Portfolio

My online art portfolio.


NBA 2K11

New garage scene with bus.

Brand new Chicago Stadium (1929-1994) for the new Jordan features.

Check out the trailers here:


NBA 2K10

The top image is the generic arena I made after we shipped nba 2k9. I looked at other arenas and pulled elements from them to make this generic one.

The following arenas I fixed the scale and accuracy, updated some textures, and lit them.

Modeled and textured the tv camera below.

Donut Shop WIP

A personal piece I am working on.

Lighting Arenas for NBA 2K9

With about 3 month before submission I asked to be put on environments for NBA. They needed help and brought me on the team. So the following arenas I had alot of fun lighting. My bosses wanted a nice gradation from the floor up to the ceiling with the preference of the ceiling being really dark, and this is what I came up with.

NBA 2K9 menus

The following 4 menus I made for NBA 2K9. I would get a photoshopped mock of what the menu should look like from my coworker Anthony. Then I would make a maya file, with polys, textures, and text to make it match the mock. Many times I would talk to Anthony about simple animations that would be included, or talk to the producers about updates, and programmers to make sure we were all on the same page. For these 4 menus the background was made by other great artists are the company. These are just a few of the menus I made for the game.


College Hoops 2k8

Gym: Modeling, texturing, and lighting done by me.


Chinese Traveling Shadow Puppet Cart

Final rendering

wire frame and cart in day lightingBaked the lights into the vertices

Sketches and color comps

Happy Donut Shop

Opera House

Governess of the Forest

sketch book

Figure drawings